LWCCN Full Text - Gradient

The Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network has been running a Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel since 2012. Each regional conference is designed to reach approximately 10 countries that share culture, language and have common environmental challenges.

The Global Campaign will climax with a worldwide creation care event sometime in the latter half of 2022. Watch for details!

In the meantime, here are the events coming soon:

  • Middle East and North Africa Conference 29 April to 3 May, 2020

    This conference will be held at the Anaphora Retreat Center in Zamalek, Egypt. Click for more information and a link to the registration page.

  • Central Europe Conference 14-18 September, 2020

    This conference will be held in Arad, Romania. This is an invitation-only conference; watch this space for a link to request an invitation soon.