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WEA Statements and Declarations on Creation Care

As a party to the following statements these documents represent the WEA’s official views on creation care.

2008 Statement on the Care of Creation

At the 2008 WEA General Assembly in Thailand the globally gathered evangelical community ratified the WEA Statement on the Care of Creation.  This statement represents the WEA’s core beliefs about creation care.

2009 Declaration on Creation Stewardship and Climate Change*

One year later in Kenya WEA’s Global Partner, Micah Network (now Micah Global), issued the Declaration on Creation Stewardship and Climate Change (2009) at Micah Network’s 4th Triennial Global Consultation.

2011 Cape Town Commitment

Toward the end of 2010 the global evangelical community convened once again, this time in Cape Town, South Africa where in partnership with the Lausanne Movement the Cape Town Commitment was produced.  Finalized and published in 2011, this influential document includes several sections directly addressing creation care. These relevant sections can be viewed at this link.

2012 Creation Care Call to Action

One of the outcomes of the Cape Town Commitment was the 2012 Global Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel hosted by the Lausanne Movement in collaboration with the newly formed WEA Creation Care Task Force. This gathering in Jamaica of 60 evangelical creation care leaders from 23 countries produced the Creation Care Call to Action.  The Call to Action can be signed as an individual, or on behalf of an organization at this link.

* To read more about the CCTF’s perspective on climate change click this link.