On Nov. 13-15, 2017 an historic faith-based Urban Thinkers Campus was held in Singapore. This page is a repository for information regarding that event. Below you will find the original invitation, an executive report, photos, media links, and other outcomes that were produced at the Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus. This page is a work in progress, so please come back and check on updates.


It is our pleasure and privilege to invite you to join us at the Faith-Based UN-Habitat/World Urban Campaign Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) from Nov. 13-15, 2017 in Singapore.

A remarkable feature of contemporary thinking in urban development is that faith-based communities and organizations are now seen as a vital component in helping create sustainable and resilient cities around the world. Recognition by the United Nations, civil society organizations, and development agencies that faith-based communities are central to the wellbeing of communities in our increasingly urban cultures is long overdue, and offers many new possibilities. While we each have our own long history of sustaining communities in cities, this is the first time (at least we are aware of) that UN-Habitat/World Urban Campaign has asked faith communities for our perspective, collectively as well as through our own distinct identities and stories.

In another first, the world’s major Christian evangelical organization, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), is reaching out to people of different faiths because this is not a task for just one faith tradition. The invitation is for us all to come together to explore how we can work more closely and bring our specific faith insights and traditions to bear on this major area of shared concern. This led the WEA to apply to host a World Urban Campaign, Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) specifically for religions and faith-based organizations, enabling us all to continue working on issues related to the NUA, as well as share our distinctive faith perspectives with UN-Habitat and other interested organizations.


To learn more and register for the Faith-Based Urban Thinker’s Campus please click this link:  Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus.

For those from the Christian tradition the WEA is also organizing a pre-conference to help Christian denominations and organizations prepare for the faith-based UTC.  If you are from the Christian tradition and would like to learn more about these back-to-back events please click this link:  Urban Shalom Forum: The Gospel and the Future of Cities & Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus.