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Pope Francis’ Creation Care Encyclical

Pope Francis’ Creation Care Encyclical

The WEA welcomes Pope Francis’ encyclical entitled Laudato Si’, or “Praise Be to You: On Care for Our Common Home.” We encourage evangelicals world wide to read it and prayerfully study it for themselves. The encyclical is available in many languages at

Scripture clearly teaches that creation is a gift from God that supports and sustains life. The Bible also teaches that Christians are to be good stewards of God’s gift of creation, which is what the Pope’s encyclical is encouraging all people, not just Catholics or Christians to do. 

The WEA supports and equips evangelicals world wide to care for creation through its Creation Care Task Force, and its network of creation care members and partners. To learn more about creation care, and the WEA’s Creation Care Task Force, explore the pages on this website.

The WEA will soon be releasing a fuller statement on Pope Francis’ encyclical, in the meantime we encourage you to read the following statements released by WEA partners:

Lausanne Creation Care Network:…/w…/uploads/2015/06/LCCN-Press-6.18.15.pdf

A Rocha:…/news-publicat…/18-june-press-release

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