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Renew Our World Uses Living the Change

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The Renew Our World campaign* has a worship song debuting soon, and when it does Living the Change will be a suggested action option for people who want to put their faith in practice.  The words of the chorus written by Dawn Faith, a South African musician, author, and television personality, are:

Give us your love/Give us your touch/To meet this world in need/ To be your hands and feet/Open our eyes/Open our minds/To serve in love and truth/To see the world renewed/Renew our world

We’ll make an announcement when the Renew Our World song and support materials are released.

* The Renew Our World campaign is a collaboration of many Christian groups around the world including Tearfund (which is the current lead organization), Micah Global, Anglican Alliance, TEAR Australia, Tearfund Brazil, EU-Cord (Europe), Jos Green Center (Nigeria), Paz y Esperanza (Peru), EFICOR (India), World Evangelical Alliance, Micah Challenge USA, Micah Zambia, and many more.

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