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Resources for Urban Design & Planning

Resources for Urban Design & Planning

The director of the CCTF, Dr. Chris Elisara, led a workshop today at Micah Global’s Triennal Consultation on the future of urbanism.  Here’s a list of some of the resources he recommended on this issue:


The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment (2012) by Eric O. Jacobsen.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem: Architecture, Urbanism, and the Sacred (2006) by Philip Bess

Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action For Long-Term Change (2015) By Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia


Congress for the New Urbanism:

(New) Urbanism For Christians Facebook page which is a program of the Center for Environmental Leadership.


The City We Need is a collective undertaking of the World Urban Campaign, a coalition of partners united by shared goals and a common vision of the city for the 21st century. The World Urban Campaign partners are asking what direction global urban development must take over the coming 20 years, and what are the principles that shall guide governments, their partners, and the international community, to prepare for a predominantly urban future. to learn more!

Urban planning has great effects on collective choices that contribute to climate change. By defining the shape of a community, urban planning determines part of its energy consumption, and thus, the quantity of greenhouse gases released by dwellers. Nevertheless, it remains largely out of the general debate on this issue. Saga City invites you to learn more about these stakes through to story of the city of Colvert.

American Makeover is a web series about the antidote to suburban sprawl.

The story of Buffalo, New York’s world class urban design and how today’s generation is rediscovering and restoring ‘America’s Best Designed City.’

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