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The Holy Week in Lockdown: Daily Reflections

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global experience unprecedented in modern history.

Holy Week was an unprecedented event in ALL of history! The future of our lives, and all of creation, changed that week in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and is available to us during this crisis too. The WEA has prayerfully developed a week of daily devotions to help the global evangelical community deeply apprehend God's love and faithfulness during Holy Week 2020. Although COVID-19 may weigh heavily on our hearts and minds this year our prayer is that the reality and implications of Christ's victory over sin and death--the vindication, redemption, and restoration by God of His creation through Christ's death, burial, and resurrection--will breakthrough in your life, and in your community, more poignantly and more robustly than ever before.

To read the devotionals, starting this Plan Sunday, as they are released on a daily basis go to this link. Video messages for Holy Week by the WEA's Sec. General, Bishop Tendero, are also posted at this link.

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