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The Wesleyan Church’s Model Response to Natural Disasters

The General Superintendent of the US Wesleyan Church, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, was unable to attend the Call to Action for Christian Leaders: Preparing and Responding to Natural Disasters, however, she prepared some  very encouraging remarks about what the Wesleyan Church is doing in this area that were read by her colleague, David Johnson.  She wrote:

. . the disasters I have addressed today [in the earlier sectios of my missive] are natural disasters, they are often intensified by an earth that is not cared for the way the Lord has intended. It is not only possible to care for creation while caring for the people, it is actually the best way to do so . .

As our Creation Care statement says:

“The Wesleyan Church believes it is time for Christians to take the lead in ensuring that the beauty and majesty of God’s creation are sustained. We believe that these efforts will help ensure the protection and health of future generations, will be a blessing to peoples all around the world, especially the poor, will improve our witness to a watching world, and most of all, will express our love and worship for our Creator, Redeemer and Friend.”

We have posted Dr. Lyons full remarks to the conference at this link, and to read the entire statement of the Wesleyan Church on creation care go to this link.

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