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In the pursuit of its objectives to care to creation, the WEA has launched the Global Evangelical Clean Energy Initiative, which is a commitment to assist 20% of the global evangelical footprint--educational institutions, medical facilities, churches, other affiliated entities, and households--to be powered by clean renewable energy by 2025.

To achieve our goal we are working with UN and World Bank special project, Sustainable Energy for All, and have initiated Project 20.’25, our country-by-country clean energy program. We have started Project 20.’25 in Uganda and in the USA, and in 2020 we plan on starting many more projects with partners around the world. There was great interest in Project 20.’25 at the World Evangelical Alliance’s General Assembly (Jakarta, 2019) and we are looking at starting up projects in the Pacific, West Africa, Europe, and other regions. If your National Alliance is interested in bringing Project 20.’25 to your country please reach out to us.

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In the USA our Project 20.’25 partner is Smart Roofs Solar, a solar industry leader.  Click the logo to learn how Smart Roofs Solar can help your church, school, college, etc., convert to clean renewable energy and long-term electricity cost savings.

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