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During the Time for Living the Change (September to December) Christians all around the world come together to host locally-planned Living the Change events like convening a dinner conversation with friends that are interested in exploring how to respond to climate change–which we can help you plan with our Meal & LTC Conversation resource page, or any other fun event you want to plan and host for friends and acquaintances. For some starter ideas refer to the bottom of the page.

We want local Time for Living the Change events that:

  • Reaffirm the deepest Christian truths and values that motivate us to care for God’s creation.

  • Celebrate with the community of people who are also

  • learning about Living the Change commitments.

  • Lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in our impact focus areas – diet, transportation, and energy.

  • If appropriate, share the Living the Change message with others in your community, and decision-makers in business and government.

At events let us:

  • Worship God together.

  • Celebrate the changes we are able to lead in our own lives that contributes toward a flourishing world for all.

  • Share our stories of change.

  • Lift up leaders and sustainable solutions in our community.

  • Learn from one another.

  • Offer guidance around transitioning towards sustainable living.

This is the season for renewing and reinforcing our commitment to Christian discipleship in response to the world’s climate emergency, as well as making new choices and changes that reflect our deepest beliefs and values as disciples of Christ. We know that when we share an experience with others we become more committed, learn from each other, are supported by our friends and offer them support too, and develop the ability to become ambassadors for the changes we’ve adopted, thus widening the impact of our own individual lives. This link between lifestyle choices, Christian discipleship, and community 

transformation is at the heart of Living the Change.

To change the world we’re 

starting with our own discipleship.   Will you  join us?



All participating groups should include these two elements in their event:

Commitment: Making a personal commitment to sustainable living, no matter how small it may be as the first step on a sustainable lifestyle journey, and celebrating those who have already made commitments. If appropriate, sharing about your event on social media and/or local media.

Celebration: Celebrate God's gift of creation together enjoying good food--try a vegetarian and/or vegan meal. Make this event uniquely your own through worship, arts and music, organizing a community action, showcasing sustainability  solutions from your region, etc..





Watch this Ted Talk by the WEA’s

Climate Ambassador, Dr.

Katharine Hayhoe, who is an

evangelical Christian and

renowned climate scientist, to learn

why “the most important thing you

can do to fight climate change is to

talk about it.” This is why we encourage you to host a meal

and conversation for the Time of Living the Change.

Event Ideas


Prayer & Worship Service

Prepare a prayer and/or worship service that focuses on gratitude, transformation, and hope for the future.



Include a time for sharing of personal, encouraging stories of change about sustainable living among the participants.


Creation Care Community Service

Combine your local event with a creation care community service project. For example, planting trees, a stream or beach clean up, or evasive plant eradication, or a species count, etc..


Learn Something New

Plan an educational or training aspect as part of your event. For example, how to cook a new recipe, make jam, make pickles, tune up a bike, make bird boxes, etc..


Let Your Voice Be Heard

Invite a local leader to your event to speak about sustainable solutions for your community.  Write letters to government leaders and or business leaders urging policy changes that have a climate change impact.

Sample Schedule of a Local Event 

Arrival and welcome: Introduction to Living the Change and sustainable living.


Prayer and Scripture Reflection: Pray together and share a reflection on a scripture passage.


Commitment: Share personal commitments. 3-5 people describe their commitment and offer a personal testimony about it. Invite others to make a commitment: Distribute Living the Change pledge cards for people to fill out.

Celebration: Share a vegetarian meal or snack together.

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