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About the WEA Creation Care Task Force 

Established in 1846, the World Evangelical Alliance is a network of national evangelical church alliances in 129 countries and over a 100 international evangelical organizations. The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) provides a worldwide identity, voice, and platform for more than 600 million evangelical Christians. Click the link to learn more about WEA’s mission, vision, and work.


With a global backdrop of serious ecological challenges, growing awareness of the biblical mandate to care for creation, and an increasing need to provide leadership in this arena at a global level, the WEA decided to create the WEA Creation Care Task Force (CCTF) in 2012.

The Creation Care Task Force (CCTF) is a service arm of the WEA assisting evangelical Christians to care for creation—a wondrous, intricate, productive, and loving gift from the hand of God. Christian creation care is focused on justly using and enjoying creation while ensuring the integrity of ecosystems are maintained, and when necessary restoring damaged ecosystems.

Evangelicals are acutely aware that creation care is a matter of biblical justice. Since those who are poor are more likely to derive their livelihoods firsthand from creation as farmers, fishers, herders, etc., they also suffer more readily and significantly from the impacts wrought by ecological degradation. Nobody, however, can escape the effects of a degraded and unhealthy environment. Thus, biblical creation care is incumbent on all Christians for the benefit of all, but especially the poor who are disproportionally affected by compromised ecosystems.

In line with the WEA’s mission of “equipping, connecting, and being a global voice for the evangelical community,” the CCTF will:

  • Raise awareness of creation care within the global evangelical community.

  • Help equip evangelicals, and especially evangelical leaders, to care for creation

  • Connect and leverage the capacities of evangelical creation care organizations for greater impact at national and global levels.

  • Be a voice on prescient environmental issues for the global evangelical community to governments, international bodies, and other relevant entities.

The WEA’s official views on creation care can be found in several formal statements. To review those documents go to this link.


The WEA’s official position on climate change is articulated in the creation care declarations and statements it is party to. To be specific, the WEA believes that climate change is real, is a threat to the integrity of the planet’s ecosystems, and thus a threat to human wellbeing . . . Learn more at this link.


Caring for creation requires clear and accurate information

about the health and integrity of the earth’s climate system, 

forests, freshwater, soils, animal populations, and all the

other incredible life-giving ecological systems that comprise

God’s gift of creation. It also requires honestly accepting

the truth about current ecological realities, good or bad, and 

responding to the real challenges we face by drawing on

Christian virtues, values, and biblical truths, and by coming

together as an evangelical community to act with love,

conviction, and gospel hope. To help evangelicals develop a

clear-eyed understanding of the state of God’s creation we

have developed the following list of important environmental

reports and studies on this page.

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